Countdown to Summit-November 9

Countdown to Summit-November 9

By Godfred Ahuma, ACB/ALB, Summit Manager


2019 Summit Sneak Peek

The countdown is on to November 9, 2019 when we have our long awaited 2019 Summit. I am so excited. Together with the Platinum Team planning this event, we are looking forward to creating wonderful memories and learning new things in our Toastmasters journey.

Area Council Meeting

One unique thing about this year’s summit is the Area Council meeting. The Area council manages Area activities and supports each club in the Area in fulfilling the club mission. At Area council meetings, the Area director discusses each club’s plans and goals in the Distinguished Club Program and reviews attendance at club officer training. On the morning of the Summit day, the Area Director together with Club Presidents, Vice Presidents Education, Vice Presidents Membership will convene to share ideas and discuss club needs. If one of these officers is not available, any of the other officers may attend in their place. This is a great opportunity for you to network with other club officers in your Area and around the district. Read more…

Summit Theme

With 70 years of existence, District 25 has earned its own platinum record. In honor of that, our theme for the Summit is Platinum Level YOU! As the metal, we are strong, precious, and rare. The goal of the Summit is to organize an event that is informative and provides immediate value to the growth and development of clubs and members of District 25.

As we bring together Area Directors, Club Presidents, Vice Presidents Education, and Vice Presidents Membership for the Area Council Meeting, the morning theme is Platinum Level TEAM with the focus Together Everyone Achieves More. This is a good opportunity for us to practically put our team building skills to work while having fun and achieving together what none of us can do alone.

The theme for lunch is Platinum Level Leader with the focus The Leader in ME. One reason we join Toastmasters is to develop our leadership skills. Leadership development is also a core aspect of the Toastmasters program. We will focus on harnessing the potential of each member to discover the leader in each of us.

We will crown the day with our world famous DTM ceremony. The theme of the evening is Platinum Level Excellence and the focus is Be your best, Celebrating You! Seventy years Strong! Distinguished Toastmaster is the highest level of education achievement in Toastmasters. As we prepare for and give speeches, take on leadership roles, we strive to achieve excellence. This evening is dedicated to YOU! To celebrate YOU, seventy Years Strong.

If you have achieved your DTM or are close to achieving it, visit this page and reach out to the DTM manager to get your name on the list of recipients. If you still have more speeches to go, don’t worry. Come join the celebration as your fellow Toastmasters receive their DTM award; an evening of Excellence and great food. You will be inspired.

Keynotes and Education Sessions

We have an awesome line up of talent who will be delivering educational and informational sessions essential to club and individual growth. Our keynote speakers with experience in Toastmasters will be our own Immediate past International Director Tracy Thomason and current Region 3 Advisor Violetta Rios, joining us from Mexico.

Register now and join fellow members of District 25 for a precious Platinum experience.
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