Are You Funny, Do You Want to Be?

Are You Funny, Do You Want to Be?

By Steven Timmons, DTM, Public Relations Manager



Early in February, Toastmasters added their newest (eleventh) path – Engaging Humor.  This path might be right up your alley.  Pathways now includes the Engaging Humor path.  Let’s explore this new path together.






First, I would like to point out that this path is not available in a printed form.  Do not despair though, we have discussed a solution for you in our own “Do You Struggle with Pathways Online?  Well, Stop the Presses” article.

During my journey, I have personally worked through and struggled with the Humorous Speaker advanced manuals three different times.  Each time, my humorous speaking abilities grew, and my abilities improved as I worked those five magic projects.  You might say, Steven… why on earth would you do that manual three times.  For me the answer is simple, I have a strong desire to connect and engage with my audience.

When I worked the Humorous Speaker manual the first time, I found developing the projects very challenging.  By the last project, a fellow club member complimented me on my humor that really boosted my moral.  You see, this member makes including humor in his speeches appear all too easy and is simply funny.

During the second trip through the manual, I improved my ability to develop speeches that my evaluators considered funny and engaging.  I improved in my ability to identify and master the elements that make humor effective.  Recently, I delivered a speech titled, My Scooter and Me, to my club during my third trip through the manual.  My evaluator shared that she found the speech creative and funny and that she enjoyed my speech a great deal.

If you seek not only to be an effective but an engaging speaker to your audience, I encourage you to consider adding the Engaging Humor path to your cart.  I know I will be doing that myself, even with three completed Humorous Speaker advanced manuals under my belt.  This is a skill I look forward to building even more with the assistance of Pathway’s newest path, Engaging Humor,