Oops – I Went Too Fast and Marked the Project Complete

Oops – I Went Too Fast and Marked the Project Complete

By Greg Pick, DTM, Immediate Past District Director, Pathways Coordinator


When we perform new, unfamiliar tasks we make errors.  The Pathways learning experience is designed to be performed in sequence – one project and one level at a time.

Tracking Completion

What can we do when we mark items as complete when we had not performed all aspects of the projects on that level, such as failing to complete the speech?  For example, I completed the IceBreaker project, completed the after assessment and moved on the “Evaluations and Feedback” project without giving my Icebreaker speech.  Pathways will let us do that and does not require any approvals to move through a level.  In fact, looking at the picture below, a member could complete all of level one online without actually giving the required speeches.

Unlike Word® there is not a simple undo  .  If you find yourself in this predicament, work with your VP Education (i.e., Base Camp Manager) to administratively track the project assignments to completion before going any further.

Determining What Was Required?

Each project has the same types of pages as listed in the project Table of Contents (index) below.  On the “Your Assignment” and “Complete Your Assignment” pages you can find the Project Checklist.

The project checklist provides a road map for the activities required to be completed.  Reviewing the checklist provides us with all the steps needed for each project.

The checklist on the project appeared after I had completed the “Assess Your Skills – After,” assessment.  When the Congratulations! page appeared, I knew that I had successfully recorded the project completion and the checkmark should appear above the monitor in front of the project description that I had worked.  For most projects, members should not complete the after assessment until they have delivered a speech.