Why Pathways?

Why Pathways?

By Steven Timmons, District Public Relations Manager

Can you believe that we have passed the first anniversary of the Pathways learning experience rollout in District 25 – February 13, 2018.  Today, I would like to provide some reasons why more members should implement the Pathways learning experience.

As I review my Club’s Roster, I see that we have a significant percentage of members that have not enrolled in Pathways even though we have both an Ambassador and a Pathways Guide in our ranks.  I expect this ratio represents the state of the Pathways enrollment across the District.  Similarly, I know members who have enrolled but have not begun to work the program.

Maybe you think that the Pathways learning experience is not easy – is that what we want?  Recently, I watched the DVD, “First Man,” about the Neil Armstrong’s story from 50 years ago.  I was struck by John F. Kennedy’s speech in 1962 talking about our goals for reaching the moon; he states, “we choose to go not because they are easy, but because they are hard.”  I believe we like to be challenged and the Pathways learning experience can provide that challenge.

Maybe you don’t see the value in Pathways.  Pathways represents a great deal of value in each path and we have our choice of 11 paths.  At $20 a Path, a path such as Motivational Strategies provides a substantial bargain because of the content contained in the project.  A less tangible value relates to competences gained and what we can sell to potential employers about ourselves.  Describing on a resume or in an interview that you have achieved proficiency in Dynamic Leadership or Presentation Mastery communicates a vision of your competency and increases your marketability.

Pathways provides a powerful, cost-effective program right at your fingertips.  On this anniversary re-engage in a program that can have a great deal of value to you.  Use it as a selling tool to those visitors that you have in your clubs to encourage them to give Toastmasters a hard look.  Reach out to your former Toastmasters friends that may not have heard of the value that Pathways has added to your Toastmasters membership.  Engage in Pathways and strive to get every ounce of value this gift can provide.  You will win as will those around you as well.

Happy 1st anniversary to the Pathways learning experience in District 25.