Pathways Learning Experience Trivia

Pathways Learning Experience Trivia

By Steven Timmons, DTM, Public Relations Manager

Do you know a lot about the Pathways learning experience or want to be an expert – then this post is for you.  Test your knowledge here and feel free to print this out and take to your club to use as a fun game, in your speeches or to build your table topics questions for a fun way to share the Pathways learning experience.

How many Pathways paths currently exist?

There are now 11 Pathway’s paths.  A new path about humorous speaking was released on February 5, 2019.

Is each Pathways path merely a random set of projects and speeches?

No, each path is influenced by competencies.  Toastmasters International designed Pathways with five core competencies.  Four are developed as you progress through a path – (1) Public Speaking, (2) Interpersonal Communication, (3) Strategic Leadership, and (4) Management.  The weight of each competency depends on the associated path as demonstrated here on the first page.  Members gain and develop the fifth competency, Confidence, through participation in the Pathways learning experience and participation in the club meetings.

How many levels does each Pathway’s path have?

Each path consists of 5 Levels, 1 through 5.  The levels become focused on the path selected once you begin Level 3 and specialized as you complete each in a path.  Toastmasters International designed the levels as the basis of recognition in the Pathways learning experience.  For example, the completion of Motivational Strategies Level 3 would be denoted as a MS3.

Is it correct to say that each Pathway’s path level is completely unique to each path?

Level 1 has the same projects in each of the ten paths.  Toastmasters International designed the paths this way to ensure members learn the basics of making presentations.  After you complete Level 1, the levels and projects in each level take on more specific characteristics associated with your chosen path.

How many projects are there in each Pathway’s path Level?  How many projects in a path?

The number of projects to complete a level varies from level to level.  Pathways enforces completing the required projects on a level before you can go onto the next level.  It takes 14 projects to fulfill the minimum requirements to complete five levels.  After a member completes a path, the member is considered proficient in the area focused on in that path.

Every Pathways path be accessed online and in print? 

Every path can be accessed online.  In addition, Toastmasters International developed five of the ten paths that can be obtained directly from as a glossy manual.  However, on the Your Evaluation page in each project, members can download the project in a pdf and printed.  This pdf duplicates the information in the paths that can be obtained in print form from Toastmasters International.  Selecting a path online provides the easiest and most flexible option for members.  Additionally, the online option provides videos and other activities inside each product that is not available online.

How much does a Pathways path cost?

Toastmasters International provides each member with their first path at no additional cost.  If you have not accessed your free path then you very likely have a path available to you for no charge.  If you try to access a path for free and are routed to pay then you may have selected a path and forgotten.  You can verify this by going to base camp and looking at your curriculum.  Each additional path costs $20.  Selecting printed paths have an extra $25 fee.  Please see your VP-Education for more information and assistance.

How can I get assistance for club related to the Pathways?

Members can access numerous Pathways resources here or you can contact our Pathways coordinator by email by clicking the envelope at the top of the page.


Above you have some talking points to make a coherent presentation to your fellow Toastmasters members or to those guest and friends interested in the Pathways learning experience.