Moving and Shaking

Moving and Shaking

By Emily Murray, DTM

Hi there! I wanted to take a moment and introduce myself. My name is Emily Murray and I am a DTM who has been with Toastmasters since 2004 (with a couple of breaks admittedly). I’m new to D25 and the DFW area and only am just beginning to meet people. I started my journey while I lived in Taipei, Taiwan- where my home club was TaRen Toastmasters and where I founded the Irrationally Motivated Advanced Club. After I moved to New Zealand, I continued my TM journey in the Victoria University club and Napier Toastmasters. When I returned to the US, I joined the Professionals of Portland Toastmasters club in Portland, OR before moving to DFW and joining Golden Triangle before a job change made me find yet another home.

I have judged, trained, hosted, led, visited, competed, attended, learned from, mentored, supported, laughed with and enjoyed Toastmasters for most of my adult life all over the world. I have served in a variety of positions. Now, having joined both World-Renowned Grand Prairie Toastmasters and Highway to Excellence Toastmasters, I look forward to getting in and continuing to serve Toastmasters and helping make us all a better, stronger organization.

The best thing about TM, for me, truly is that the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. The rewards for serving in officer-ships, leading trainings, attending workshops, organizing events, and actively joining meetings are immeasurable, indescribable (even for someone who likes to talk!) and unbelievably fulfilling – though I’m probably preaching to the choir here!

I find that the service journey with Toastmasters is never complete, the more you do, the more knowledge and experience you have to share to those coming with and behind you. I am truly looking forward to getting started serving D25 and broadening my experience base and what I have to offer the clubs, area and district. And most importantly- encouraging others to serve with me!