Division Humorous Speech Contest Winners

Division Humorous Speech Contest Winners

By Elizabeth Gray, District Chief Judge

We have come to the end of the fall Humorous Speech Contests.  Due to a change in Toastmasters International rules, we will no longer have a district-level fall speech contest.  Spring contest season will return to two contests with competition through District level.  Spring 2019 we will have Table Topics and International contest.  Area/Division contest schedule

Div D-Beki Laird, Waco Texas Toasters
Div B-John Crandall, Flower Mound TM

As Beki Laird let us all know, “Laughter is the Universal Language,” and how true that has been these past few months!  I hope you all made it to at least one of the contests, despite the fact that you may be asking, as John Crandall did, “Texas, Why Are You Trying to Kill Us?!?”



Div G-Trish Henderson, Shining Stars Club
Div F-Walter Gaman, Southlake Club

Through the rain, Trish Henderson told us “The Secret to a Happy Marriage,” and Walter Gaman reminded us what “The Toastmaster Family” is all about (studying SAT words!).  Tabatha DeBose suffered through the question of “Children: A Blessing or a Curse?”, but decided in the end that they were indeed a blessing.

Div C-Tabatha Debose, ACH Renaissance
Div A-Laura Stewart, Afterburners
Div E-Matt Bunke, FAA Toastmasters

I know you will miss the laughter and the tears (of laughter!)  But don’t “Arach React” like Laura Stewart, look to Matt Bunke “Trying to Summon the Solace of Silence”, because the contests will start up again in the spring with Table Topics and International speeches!  I will see you there, if not before at the Summit!



Here are the first place winners of each Division Humorous Speech Contests.  The division contests were held October 13, 2018 and October 27.  Want to see pictures from those events? Click here

Past contest winners – D25 Hall of Fame here.

Div A – Laura Stewart, Afterburners                  Div B – John Crandall, Flower Mound TM

Div C – Tabatha Debose, ACH Renaissance  Div D – Beki Laird, Waco Texas Toasters

Div E – Matt Bunke, FAA Toastmasters        Div F – Walter Gaman, Southlake Club

Division G – Trish Henderson, Shining Stars Club