Lead with Love

Lead with Love

By Chris Raneri, DTM, Club Growth Director

District 25 is blessed with an abundance of wonderful and dedicated district leaders – both former and current.  It is not often that I get the pleasure of spending time with special leaders outside of our district.  Recently, I was able to spend some valuable time with the Region 3 Advisor, Distinguished Toastmaster Atheria Scott.

We spent the day discussing the D25 marketing plan and I took away some valuable tips on how best to execute it.  Throughout the day we shared stories about leadership and she provided insight while instilling confidence in me.  We wrapped up the day celebrating with a nice dinner with the Trio and some of the District Staff.

The next day Atheria spoke to the Area and Division Directors about the importance of maintaining the momentum with our members during the holiday months.  Her inspiring words provided ideas on how to best focus the time and her passion for Toastmasters could be seen throughout.  Not finished yet, she ended her day by speaking at the Club Success Workshop about the 5 P’s, as she adapted John C. Maxwell’s 5 levels of leadership specifically for District 25. All those in attendance took copious notes and took turns sharing their plans on what they learned.

It was my honor to be a part of the weekend presentations and to be able to listen and learn from such a passionate leader.  Our district leaders will now be able to dedicate themselves more effectively to our members and understand how they can better serve the district.

Thank you Atheria for spending time with our leaders and club members and for spreading your excitement, wisdom and enthusiasm with all of us!  Learning that we should “lead with love” was the highlight of your presentation. I look forward to spending the rest of the Toastmasters year working with you as our Region Advisor.