Pathways Evaluations Made Easy – Terry Mencke, ACS, ALB

Pathways Evaluations Made Easy – Terry Mencke, ACS, ALB

By Terry Mencke, ACS, ALB

On our way to dinner, my husband (Chuck) and I were talking about Toastmasters, including the differences between Pathways and the traditional program. Chuck is on Pathways. I am still working the traditional program. All I really know about how it works I learned from the ambassador visits. I recently did a Pathways evaluation, and luckily, the speaker I was evaluating brought the Pathways evaluation form for their speech. As Chuck and I were talking, I began wondering how someone like me, on the traditional program, could evaluate someone on Pathways, if the speaker doesn’t bring a copy of their evaluation.

In the traditional program, we have manuals with all the projects with evaluation forms. If the speaker forgets their manual, someone else in the club usually had one and you could at least get the objectives and do an evaluation on blank paper. Under Pathways, what do we do if the speaker forgets their evaluation form? I know everything is online now, within Base Camp, but I usually don’t bring my laptop to a meeting. That could be a problem…

There is a solution: You do not need to log onto Basecamp and download a specific Evaluation Form.  All 60 Pathways Evaluations are available on the D25 website. There’s even a Zip file containing all 60 Evaluations if you want a copy handy on your preferred electronic device. Chuck downloaded each of them – renaming them using a much more “user friendly” name instead of the cryptic name some of the Pathways Evaluations had.

District 25 Pathways Evaluation Page

If your club really wants to be prepared, a copy of each Pathways Evaluation could be downloaded and printed to be included with the club’s supplies. Now that would be a prepared club! You could even split up the printing duties between all the members. When a Pathways Evaluation is needed, you’d have it and then a replacement copy could be brought to the next meeting. From a Pathways newbie, I trust this article will be of benefit to you, and make your life easier with Pathways.