Do You Struggle with Pathways Online? Well, Stop the Presses

Do You Struggle with Pathways Online?  Well, Stop the Presses

By Steven Timmons, DTM

Recently, one of my fellow club members had a little bit of a meltdown with Pathways Online.  Don’t get me wrong.  He is working his path.  However, he is still not quite comfortable with the online aspect.  Can I see a show of hands that second that concern?  Yes, I know you are out there.  Well, I have information about understanding the required activities within a project that I hope will help!

During a recent presentation, Greg Pick and his gang of Pathway aficionados (yes, they do exist) quite convincingly proved to a room of Pathways inquisitors (yes, we do know that they exist) that you do not need to request or pay for the printed path option.  The online path has the best of both worlds.  You can access your information anytime anywhere and find everything you need to know about completing the activities in a project by printing the project or project checklist.

When you log into your path online, you are presented with five buttons, select My Education Transcript (diagram below).

Next select the path with which you wish to work and select Open Curriculum (diagram below).

You should now see the projects related to your path.  Next, let’s presume that you are working on Level 1 and have completed your Icebreaker and Evaluation and Feedback Projects including the post‑assessments as demonstrated by the checks (see diagram below.

For any project, you can find the activities needed to complete the project by navigating to the “Your Evaluation” page.  You can get to the desired page locating the Navigation Dropdown at the bottom center of any project page (diagram below).

Choose the “Your Evaluation” section and you will see several items to print under Resources.

The key resource you want to access even at the first part of your participation in a project is “Print My Project”.  I hear you… Why did they not put this up front when you start the project? Well, that certainly defies logic I agree.  Another tidbit involves the Project Checklist that can be located by going back one page and printing.  Now, you know how to get the roadmap of your required project activities since they all follow the same pattern.

You can print this out or display it on your favorite device and get a clear overview of your project.  The best part is that you just saved $25 for not having to purchase the printed version of your path.  Other benefits include continual access to online resources within each project.  You can find the required activities for every project in all ten paths that are now available including access to the advantages of the online resources that you give up when you purchase a printed version.

Please share this technique with your fellow club members so that they don’t get stressed by trying to work through their path online only.  Want a great speech topic for your next speech? Well, here you go.  Stop the Presses and get the printed value out of your online paths.

By: Greg Pick, Immediate Past District Director, Pathways Coordinator