Outstanding Member July 2018

Outstanding Member July 2018

By Robi Ley, District Director

D25 wants to recognize those individuals who go above and beyond for our members. Our July Outstanding Member is Tammy Kasterke.

Tammy joined Toastmasters in March 2009 in our neighboring district and moved to D25 in July 2017. She has been serving our membership ever since. She served as a Pathways Guide, and currently holds the position of TLI Training Chair. It is for this activity that we recognize her.

From the beginning of her appointment to this role, Tammy has been organized, tireless, and creative. She managed a small army of volunteers who worked together to make every event successful. She was the first one to arrive and the last one to leave. Her volunteers were met with a smile, a name badge, and a small gift for their help. Club officers and trainers were treated to real food to help fuel their learning experience. Her pre-session prep was well planned through conference calls and follow-up emails. Post-session emails asked for feedback to make the next session even better.

Tammy continues to serve as she prepares for the next round of officer training which begins in December. There are no doubts that she will once again be outstanding. If you’re looking for new challenge, or need to work out an HPL project, contact Tammy through the D25 TLI web page. I’m sure she has a place you can fit right in.

Congratulations Tammy Kasterke, Outstanding Member for July 2018. She will be receiving an Outstanding Member pin and a permanent place in the D25 Hall of Fame.