Eye on the Prize – Susan Gardner

Eye on the Prize – Susan Gardner

-By Susan Gardner, DTM

During this incredibly HOT Texas summer, it is important that we continually keep an eye on the prize…RAIN AND COOLER TEMPS!  But at the same time as we are sweltering in this heat, daily plans and life go on which brings me to the Muppets Leadership Lesson #2:  BE SURE TO TAKE TIME TO UNPLUG!

  Why is this leadership lesson so important?  Just a few reasons are (1) if we are constantly on the go and never providing focus to one item, are we providing the service to our club members that they need?  Doing too many things can take our attention off what we really need to get done.  (2) Are we setting an example to others that we want them to follow? Are we continually telling others that you need to take a break, you deserve it, you work too hard, but are not doing that ourselves? 

Come out to the inaugural District 25 Summit on November 10, 2018 in Fort Worth, TX to find out how to follow the Muppets Leadership Lesson #2 and unplug with your fellow Toastmasters.  Come out to learn, inspire others, and be part of something special.  There are a wide variety of educational sessions to choose from, each with valuable tools you will need to succeed all while you TRAVEL BY MAP and TAKE TIME TO UNPLUG!!  Check out the District 25 website for more details of the upcoming District 25 2018 Summit!

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