Toastmasters Journey: Education, Leadership, Service

Toastmasters Journey: Education, Leadership, Service

by Celeste Castro

Education Journey
Being in Toastmasters, I learned how everyone gets along with one another even though they are different. I saw them communicate and work as a team to make the club succeed.

There are so many different ways that members can present a speech. The variety of styles and speech topics makes meetings exciting. Who knew I would learn something new at each meeting? It was fun whether I learned something to take away from the meeting or was simply entertained.

As a Pathway Guide I learned (from club feedback) how to make the presentations interesting and exciting. I was able to make myself and other members want to give Pathways a try. I was able to see how different clubs we can take things and learn them in different ways without realizing it.

I always want to hear the stories that others share. It gives me ideas of how to put my stories together. Each story is unique and different. Each story is special to the person that tells it. Learning from different clubs and people is so exciting! You never know what to expect.

Leadership Journey
In going to different clubs I was able to become more comfortable as a leader. The club members looked at me as someone knowledgeable who was there to help.

It’s wonderful to see each group grow and bring in new ideas to the club. Corporate clubs try to meet their member’s needs relating to time limitations due to work by striving to begin and end meetings on time. They also recognize the importance of bringing in new members and fresh ideas.

Being the Pathway Guide helped me learn more about Toastmasters as I helped the clubs. It’s nice to be able to help and answer questions. It is a delight to think that I’m able to be a leader who is helping them go thru Pathways. It will be interesting to see how the new program will help us as a club.

Although all clubs use the same Toastmasters educational program, each club is unique. Each meets the needs of members as Toastmasters and within the work environment. When they say it helps you to step outside your club and visit other clubs, it’s true.
I’ve learned a great deal from stepping outside of my club and filing leadership roles.

Service Journey
My service journey has involved interaction with many clubs. I found it interesting to see how each club had their own method of filling meeting roles in the quest to have a full agenda when the meetings began. Methods included volunteering for positions, assignment by the VPE, asking people at the last minute and a combination approach.

Working with other clubs helps you to understand how the Toastmasters skills benefit members in their professional lives. I learned why they were willing to take time away from work and attend the meetings. They enjoyed the other members and the meeting. As I got to know the club members better, it helped me to know what I needed to do to help them get the Toastmasters information they needed. I also realized it was important to help clubs see the importance of using our District 25 website.
They also see that with Pathways, it’s important to use the Toastmasters International website.

Many didn’t realize how much fun they can have stepping outside their home club. Helping others is interesting and helpful in understanding the differences around us. I enjoyed observing these differences and how people cope with each other as they help each other to move forward within Toastmasters. Also, how members learn to understand each other’s needs.

Celeste Castro
Pathways Guide, 2017-2018