Greetings from the Southern Side of District 25

Greetings from the Southern Side of District 25

In an active and involved Toastmasters District, I want to take a few moments and share with you the activities of Areas of 44 and 45.

Encompassed within these two districts are clubs from Burleson/Cleburne to the city of Waco. This is a wide area. More importantly, these districts include some great Toastmasters.

One such Toastmaster is Lela Lam. She is the Reserve and Circulation Specialist for Baylor Law, plus the President of Baylor Orators. She is also the 2018 Tall Tales winner for area 44! As you can see, she is an accomplished person indeed! Another reason I sing her praises is due to all the logistics she handled to ensure our successful contest on March 3rd. She secured the meeting spaces, auditorium, had sound equipment available if needed, and banner standards. (By the way, all participating clubs had their banners present!) In addition, Lela answered a blizzard of emails with calm efficiency, candor, and a pleasant response. Her hard work, coupled with Gary Lee Webb’s efforts and a supporting cast of Contest Chair, Toastmaster, District D Director, and many volunteers, made a most successful day.

It is with pride that I uplift Lela Lam as a prime example of the quality of Toastmasters in Areas 44 and 45. You’ll be hearing more from these areas in the future.

Bill Smith
Area 44 Director, 2017-2018