Starting Pathways

Starting Pathways

On Valentine’s Day, my home club, Clearly Speaking Club 5440, met to begin Pathways together. Our Vice President Education Emerald Cassidy led the adventure, securing a computer lab at our host facility and getting everyone who was able to attend internet access.

Since each member had checked their Toastmasters International log-in ahead of time, we were all able to access the website.

With jokes, questions, and exclamations, we all worked through the questions, though each member took the assessment individually.

Our paths diverged at the recommendations. Some of us chose the recommended path or one of the top three. Others of us chose another path.

After picking the paths, each member sent their choice to the VPE who emailed the whole club so we would know who was doing what. With half the club having made their choices, we have four pathways represented.

Remember, d25, it’s YOUR journey!

Suanna Davis
Area 33 Director, 2017-2018