Pathways Coming Soon to D25

Pathways Coming Soon to D25

Pathways will be here before you know it. As your Chief Ambassador, I can say there is nothing to fear. Instead, it is an exciting time in the history of our organization! A lot of people have asked why the need to make such a large change to something that seemed to be working? Our current education program has served our members very well since the 1970’s but how many of us are using the same things we used in the 1970’s? Pathways does not depart from the core values of Toastmasters; rather, it builds on what we already know and takes it to a new level of personal growth and development.

Almost every club in District 25 has received a visit from their Pathways Ambassador who provided detailed information about Pathways. If your Ambassador has not visited, a visit should be in your near future. If you have not heard from your Ambassador, please let Greg Pick or myself know and we will make sure you are visited soon. While the Ambassadors are working very hard to not take up much of your club’s meeting time, it is very important that they visit your club to give you the most up to date information on Pathways. You will also soon, if you have not already, be visited by your Pathways Guide who will be introducing members to Base Camp and teaching your officers how to implement Pathways using Base Camp.

What has impressed me so far as we get closer to rollout of Pathways? Two things actually. First, the incredible dedication of our Pathways Ambassadors and Guides. They have taken on roles that were new to Toastmasters, they have gone through training, they have challenged me with thought-provoking questions and they have risen up to do a job that has made me so incredibly proud! Second, with the large number of clubs in District 25, I have not heard of anyone wanting to quit or close because of Pathways. Many Districts around the world have that fear, but in District 25, the Ambassadors have told me about the positive feedback they are receiving from each of their clubs. You have provided the Ambassadors with excellent questions that demonstrates members are inquisitive about this new program and not negative about this change. I am so thrilled and honored by each one of our club members in District 25 as I know you will each be successful in Pathways and beyond!

What is next? Your Pathways Ambassadors will be continuing to make their visits and sending clubs updated information via e-mail well after the rollout happens in mid-February. Your Pathways Guides will begin making visits to bring the technical side of Pathways into your club so everyone is comfortable when the transition happens. As soon as we rollout to Pathways next month, I encourage you to sign up, take the self-assessment and choose a Path. Your first Path is free and will give you great insight into this exciting new program! Remember, you still have 2 years to complete any educational level you are working on in the current program so you could easily continue working towards your goals while working on a path but remember, the Journey Is Yours!! Let’s see how far we can go together!!

By Susan Gardner, DTM
District 25, Chief Ambassador