My Education Journey

My Education Journey

Our Toastmasters journey is truly self-paced. My personal journey is an example. It took me 2½ years to complete my first 10 speeches and 5 years to earn my Old Competent Leader (now called Advanced Leader Bronze (ALB)). Another 8 years passed before I completed my Advanced Communicator Bronze (ACB). Once I stepped into District Leadership, my speaking opportunities increased as did my opportunities to help other Toastmasters clubs. After 12 years, I completed my Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM). I have continued to give speeches and be involved in my Clubs as well as District leadership. I plan to earn a second DTM before January 2020. The second DTM will have taken approximately half the time as the first.

Participating in Toastmasters by giving manual speeches and receiving feedback, has improved my speaking ability. As I continued my journey, I became more confident and outgoing. Like all learned skills, if you do not continue to practice the skills your abilities will decline over time. This is one of many reasons that I will continue to participate in Toastmasters.

I am anticipating Pathways, our revitalized education program. It will provide increased accessibility, availability and variety. As soon as Pathways rolls out in our District (mid February), I will take the online assessment and choose a new path on my Education journey. I plan to work in both the old education program and Pathways at the same time during the transition period. I do not see my Education journey ever ending since this is the one part of the Toastmasters program that will be uniquely for me, as a member.

It’s Your Journey! What is your next step?

Greg Pick, DTM
District Director