Pathways Update

Pathways Update

Approximately 80% of our clubs in District 25 have been visited by our Ambassadors!!
As of this week, 40 Districts around the globe have launched into Pathways. Thirty-seven percent of the members globally now have access to Pathways!

Region 3, which includes District 25, will roll out in February 2018.

Visit the new District 25 website to see lots of great information about Pathways!

Have you heard from your Ambassador yet? If not, some of them are not hearing back from the club President, VPE or Secretary. Those are the individuals that are being contacted. Please be sure to respond to your ambassador when they are asking for meeting time to bring your members up to speed on Pathways.

Don’t know who your Ambassador is at this point? Visit the District 25 website to find a list of the Pathways Ambassador for your clubs.

I’m excited about Pathways! Are you??!!