20 Great Ideas for Agenda Options

We see agendas every meeting in Toastmasters. Sometimes we quit actually seeing them because we are so familiar with them. Agendas don’t have to be exactly the same every time, though consistency helps newer members.

Consider whether revising your club’s agenda would increase the supportive and positive learning experience of your members.

Visiting multiple clubs, I have seen agendas with many different items, including

  • the area, division, and district director’s names,
  • the club logo (in addition to that of Toastmasters International),
  • the time for each item, so that everyone knows the schedule,
  • the number of years the club has been President’s Distinguished,
  • the number of Distinguished Club Program (DCP) goals the club has met to date,
  • the General Evaluator’s order of discussion,
  • the word of the day, with definition and usage example,
  • the Toastmaster and speaker for the next meeting,
  • all the roles and their assignees for the next meeting,
  • descriptions of the various roles (on the back),
  • clip art relevant to the theme for the meeting,
  • any information specific to a particular meeting,
  • the names of all members in the club,
  • the educational achievements of all members of the club,
  • personalized Toastmaster’s mission statement for the club,
  • space for the names/topics for table topics,
  • information on District dates: Conferences, Contests, and officer training (TLI),
  • names and phone numbers of club officers (make sure permission is secured first),
  • space for the winners of any elections (Best Speaker, Best Evaluator, Best Table Topics), and
  • note space for jotting down information learned during the meeting.

I learned these during my visits as a Division Director. Thanks to all my clubs who taught me so much!