Become a Sponsor or Mentor

The Club Mentor/Sponsor Chair wants to hear from YOU!

Are you pursuing goals on the leadership track?

Serving as a mentor or sponsor can earn you credit towards the Advanced Leader Silver award!

Maybe you are familiar with the sponsor role or have served as a mentor. On behalf of those new clubs and new members, thank you! 

Those of you who may be less familiar with those roles, there are different responsibilities associated with each role. Consider exploring which set of responsibilities appeals most as you discern if serving in either capacity is right for you.

Responsibilities of a Sponsor:

  • Work with club contacts to support the chartering and initial start-up
  •      Conduct activities prior to chartering
  • Find an opportunity for a new club and submits the lead(s) to the Club Growth Director
  • Be involve with the informational/demo meetings
  • Help group meet charter strength of 20 members (additional guidelines apply)
  • Publicize/announce club location and upcoming meetings
  • Select and guide temporary club officers
  • Submit all appropriate paperwork and assists with the financial components regarding chartering
  • Organize a charter presentation, woohoo!

** Two Sponsors are allowed per club, appointed by District Leadership

Responsibilities of a Mentor:

  • Work with the new chartered club for at least six months or more
  • Conduct activities after a club charters
  • Ensure club has a strong beginning and remains fully functional
  • Assure club members understand their roles within the meeting structure
  • Facilitate quality meetings that promotes growth of members and the club
  • Guide club members through the Toastmasters organization – the programs and resources
  • Ensure club officers are trained and understand their responsibilities
  • Share expertise and knowledge with new club members and guests
  • Maintain membership strength and retention

** Two Mentors are allowed per club, appointed by District Leadership

Let’s continue working together for the growth and sustainability of our members!

  • Consider serving as a sponsor/mentor yourself.

An exciting promotion is being offered this year!

All people who sponsor a club will be put in a drawing to win TI gift certificates! There will be three winners total – $100 (1) , $75 (1) , $50 (1)

Keep your eyes open for an upcoming Hot Topics blurb and blogpost here which will include testimonials from previous Mentors/Sponsors and information about the upcoming training for those considering becoming Mentors and Sponsors.

It’s YOUR journey – 

Consider becoming a sponsor or mentor and give back in a rewarding way!

Questions? Interested? Contact the Club Mentor/Sponsor Chair:

by Jen Romaszewski

Club Mentor/Sponsor Chair, 2017-2018