A Day that Changed My Life

July 17, 2013.  The date isn’t important; it’s the events of that day that I will never forget because they changed my life.

After months of anticipation, Nationstar Mortgage was hosting a Toastmasters Demo Meeting.  Over 50 interested employees had RSVP’d to the catered event.  Their eagerness to learn more was not the energy that filled the room that date…it was the spirit of support from strangers.

Strangers came to support the growth of a new club and provide the prepared helpers.  Ada Widemon and I were to be the speakers.   We had dreamed of this day since my arrival at Nationstar Mortgage in November 2012.

From that one demo meeting, Nationstar has added 3 more clubs for its employees with a 4th club in early stages of development in District 50. From that demo meeting 2 officers were recognized at the area and division spring contests for their outstanding contributions and within the last 12 months 2 of those demo attendees have earned their DTM.

The members of the Demo Team had no indication of the life changing momentum they would launch that day. They only knew they could assist!

You have an opportunity to assist by saying YES to be a member of the Demo Team.   Saying YES does not mean you will be able to attend every demo meeting but it does say that you want to change someone’s life by participating in demo meetings as your schedule allows.

Contact Joyce Trimble, Club Extension Chair and plan to change a life.

by Joyce Trimble, DTM