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Be a Demo Team Volunteer – see it all begin.
The district is currently looking to add more members to the Demo Team Volunteer List to hold roles at demo meetings.  Add your name to the list by emailing Joyce Trimble, Club Extension Chair
What is a demo meeting? 

A demonstration meeting is organized by the District to show a group of people how a Toastmasters’ meeting is run; an essential part of forming new clubs.  You get the opportunity to be a Toastmaster, Speaker, Timer, Table Topics Master and all around Toastmasters enthusiast. On the Demo Team Volunteer List you see day one of a club that holds our future Area Directors, TLI chairs, or District Directors. 

Lots of opportunities!  Demo Meetings are scheduled throughout the year, throughout the day, and all around the District, therefore we need volunteers from all over our District to fill the roles! 
How does it work?
When a demo meeting is scheduled a notification is sent out to the Demo Team Volunteer List.  
Available members sign up and show up to experience the genesis of our next President’s Distinguished club.

Join the Demo Team – Volunteer – Enlist TODAY!
by Jamie Pickering
Club Growth Director, 2017-2018