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It’s TLI Season again.  Time for new officers to come for training and experienced officers to refresh and contribute.

The General Session will be on Pathways. You need to know this information. This session is open to anyone in any of the clubs to attend.

Lunch will be provided ONLY if you register for the afternoon sessions.

Check the website for details.

The posted schedule is subject to change.  Supplemental trainings will be offered after lunch.

There will be Advanced Communicator Gold Workshops: 
This is where you can present those longer Success/Communication or Success/Leadership modules needed to obtain the ACG education award.

Space is limited.

You must contact Felicia Humphrey to request a spot.  You must have at least 5 people present as your audience.

by Robi Ley
2017-2018 Program Quality Director
2016-2017 Club Growth Director