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My term as Area 12 Director started with the District 25 training in July last summer at Still Water Lodge. I didn’t leave that retreat having every answer in the book, but I was equipped with the names of other Toastmasters who could offer help. Although my clubs were in Fort Worth and I live in Abilene, I was going to leverage all the resources I could find to benefit the clubs I was responsible for.

To Energizers, Jacobs-Fort Worth, Panther City and TAMU Law, it was my pleasure serving as your Area Director! I am confident that if I lived in the area, I would quickly become a member. 
I know this feeling is shared by many of the other Area Directors in the District. By attending club meetings, we grow closer to the Toastmasters in those clubs and feel a proprietary interest in the clubs’ continued success. 
From helping organize area speech contests to making club visits as frequently as possible, maintaining regular contact with clubs is essential.

I found myself encouraging the club’s ideas and motivating their members to participate. I celebrated the success of individual club members as they worked through the Toastmasters education program. And, most of all, I helped to bring about positive change to foster the best possible member experience.

In my role as area director, I was able to give back to the community of Toastmasters. The invaluable experience of being Area Director is something that I will remember always.

Area Directors serve a vital role in Toastmasters. Of all district leaders, they are the closest to clubs and members and are a direct link between them and the division and district. It’s a rewarding role with many responsibilities. 

If you are considering district service, I recommend becoming an Area Director. 
by Emerald Cassidy