First Timers Experience at District Conference

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It was such an honor to serve as the D25 Spring 2017 Toastmasters Conference First Timers Chair
The event was a team effort between myself, Co-Chair, Anusha Sabbineni, and Hospitality Suite Chair, Felicia Humphrey.  

It is an awesome experience to see the faces and the look of anticipation of the First Timers, as they arrive to sign-in for their first Toastmasters Conference.  The First Timers begin right away getting to know each other and asking questions.  
Attendees were treated to Mini Nothing But Bundt Cakes and a toast was given honoring the beginning of their first conference with sparkling grape juice. District Leadership attended the meeting, so that First Timers had the opportunity to speak with them one-on-one.
The Passport game was fantastic fun.  The First Timers really rushed to get their passport pages signed and turned back in for a prize. Finding people who had visited the countries in their passport pages encouraged even the shyest to start talking. 
Friendships were developed between the First Timers attendees.  Many of them stated that they really enjoyed the entire conference experience and that they will definitely be back for the D25 Fall 2017 Toastmasters Conference.

The bond with my fellow event chairs and First Timer Attendees will forever be in my heart.
by Janet Bates