Starting Out the Right Way

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When I initially agreed to be the registration chair for my first conference last spring, I really did not know exactly what I was getting myself into and got lots of help from others.  It turns out that being the registration chair worked out perfectly and I even agreed to do it again this spring.  

It is a lot of behind the scenes work from processing registrations as they come in to making sure that the registration table is staffed with friendly faces to get the conference experience off to the right start, but it allows for someone with a busy schedule, like me, to fit it in each day.  Helping at the registration table, especially during busy times, gives me an opportunity to meet people and help get their conference experiences off to an excellent start.
If it sounds like something that might interest you, you are probably wondering what is involved.  You will receive registration emails which you input to the registration spreadsheet.  You will also balance the registration spreadsheet, answer registration questions, process paper registrations that are mailed in and cash transactions on-site.  It also involves working with the volunteer chair to ensure that you have enough volunteers to staff the table.
If you like volunteering and want to be involved outside of your club, it is a great way to get involved, meet people, and make new friends no matter how many conferences you’ve attended.

It has been a great experience and now I try to make it to every conference to see my friends from past conferences and make new friends.

by Bob Beideck