16 Agenda Alterations

Division A Director Suanna Davis learned all kinds of things about how different Toastmasters clubs work while visiting the 23 clubs in her division. She found great ideas at every club and compiled a list to share. Here are some about agendas that might help your club.
Some of the items included on agendas in Division A were


  1. The area, division, and district director’s names.
  2. The time for each item, so that everyone knows the schedule.
  3. The number of years the club has been President’s Distinguished.
  4. The number of DCP goals the club has met to date.
  5. The General Evaluator’s order of discussion.
  6. The Toastmaster and speakers for the next meeting.
  7. Descriptions of the various roles on the back.
  8. Clip art relevant to the theme for the meeting.
  9. Any information specific to a particular meeting.
  10. The names of all members in the club.
  11. The educational achievements of all members of the club.
  12. The club’s mission statement in addition to Toastmasters.
  13. Space for the names/topics for table topics.
  14. Information on officer training.
  15. Information on District dates, like the Awards Banquet and the Conferences.
  16. Names and phone numbers of club officers.
You don’t have to turn your agenda into a novel to include all of these items, but maybe one or two would make your agenda just a little better. More tips to come in future blog posts.