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Gary Hart, First Time Attendee
Fall 2016 D25 Conference

As a First Timer attending the District 25 Fall Conference, I was very impressed and felt honored to be associated with Toastmasters International.  The Conference Committee staff was the backbone of the conference.  They generated the heartbeat of the event with their commitment and sacrifices, and   exemplified “The Power of One” as a collective.  Ranging from the advertisement of the conference all the way to the closing ceremony, every event was well-organized with a persistence that left me in awe.

The Keynote Speakers and Presenters provided a wealth of education for all open ears.  Their knowledge displayed the passions of their craft, hypnotizing our minds and thoughts.  
The District 25 Fall Parade of Banners displayed all the organizations that were represented, as well as their achievements.  Regardless of how many ribbons were on a banner, each Club President paraded into the Grand Ballroom, smiling and with honor.
The Speech Evaluation and Humorous Contests were impressive because I had personally seen and heard different club members and compared their preparation and presentations.
The hotel’s staff and customer service provided a pivotal contribution to the success of this glamorous Toastmasters event.
Foremost, “The Power of One” Conference has enhanced and recharged my way of thinking by empowering the infrastructure of my mind to help encourage, motivate, lead, and inspire other people. If everyone sprinkled and applied, even a smidge, of these attributes while mixing it with their own unique style, I feel as though it will cause a ripple effect for the good of the clubs.  Not only will the clubs be blessed, but that individual’s self-esteem, personal life, work relations, family, and others around will be inspired because of “The Power of One.” While observing others, some may wish they had the eloquence to speak, inspire, entertain, mesmerize, and create.  
Gary Hart with fellow Afterburners member, Brenda Daniels, DTM

“The Power of One” conference reminded me of a quote by John C. Maxwell, “People may hear your words, but they feel your attitude.” I personally felt the positive attitudes from our fellow Toastmaster family at the District 25 Fall Conference.  Our District 25 Spring Conference “Journey of Excellence” is scheduled for May 19-20, 2017. I would highly encourage all First Timers to broaden your horizons, step out of your comfort zone, and explore the benefits of collaboration with other club members.  I like to say it this way, “Don’t hesitate, participate!

Article submitted by Gary Hart, who joined Afterburners Club in Fort Worth in July of 2016 and attended his first District 25 Conference in November 2016.