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Club growth is more than just finding and chartering new clubs. It’s also about adding members to your existing clubs. Community, corporate, advance, or specialty clubs, we can all benefit from new ideas, new excitement, and new members.

Every year, Toastmasters International runs the Smedley Award promotion from August 1 to September 30. This award is given to those clubs who add 5 more new, dual, or reinstated members to their club roster.

This year, you can help win that award for your club, and get a little extra recognition for yourself as well. One thing you can say about Toastmasters is we really, really like to give out recognition.

Power Bank

How do you win? That’s easy. Our “Trailblazers and Pioneers” membership drive. Sponsor 3 or more new members between August 1 and September 30 and you will receive the following:

Recognition at the Fall Conference Awards Luncheon
Entry into a drawing for a Toastmasters branded portable power bank. 

The best part? Your new members win something too! Beyond the benefits they’ll get from Toastmasters, each new member that you sponsor will receive the following:

A “Welcome to Toastmasters” ribbon
Entry into a drawing for a FREE Fall Conference Registration

Welcome Ribbon

It’s a win-win-win for you, your club, and all those new pioneer Toastmasters.

How do you sponsor a new member? That’s the easy part. When you invite a guest to your club, and they join, there is a place on the back of the application for sponsor information. Have a club officer write in your name, your member number, and your club number. Eureeka! You are now the sponsor of that new member. I said it was easy.

How do you enter the drawing? Just use that handy-dandy smart phone you have, snap a picture of the front and back of the application, and text it to me at 817-495-7638. (As an alternative, email me with the name of the new member and your club name.)

The drawings will take place on October 10. Additional perks? Every year, Toastmasters International recognizes those individuals who excel in sponsoring new members. They give out cool pins for people who sponsor 5 and 10 members, and those who sponsor 15 or more get gift certificates. Even more win for you.

You are already the Trailblazer. You know the Toastmasters path. You know the best route to take to get to that CC, CL, and beyond. You also know many Pioneers who are looking for that new path to leadership and communication success. Go round ‘em up, pardner!

If you need more information, please contact me at robiley@d25toastmasters.org.

Robi Ley
Club Growth Director