The Real Reason You’ll Come To The Awards Banquet.

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Toastmasters enjoy getting all dressed up like everyone else.  We are known for our roaring applauses when  fellow Toastmasters excel, achieve or even attempt to excel or achieve.  But when it comes right down to what matters, FOOD always wins. 
I’m a foodaholic.  I love all things caloric laden.   Yes I’ve gone through the 12 step program and each day is a new day for success.  But man cannot live on bread alone and August 27will be one of the nights where all taste buds will be heightened!   I had the luxury of being a food taster for the meals to be served at the Awards Banquet.   OMG!   You are in for such a treat. 
Even foodaholics have preferences but I changed my first preference of chicken to the vegetarian offering.  I couldn’t believe the savory bites were vegetables served over Quinoa..a healthy protein.  Don’t get me wrong, the sautéed breast of chicken in wine with capers and lemon sauce wasn’t a 2nd choice .   I just had to chose ONE!   I may be stealing some bites from my poor spouse’s plate.  
As you enjoy the freshness of your spinach salad with almonds and fresh strawberries and then your entrée, remember to save room for the dessert.  This is where those taste buds are going to be doing the happy dance.  Decadent  chocolate doesn’t even begin to describe the abundant chocolate in this 3 chocolate layered offering.  Can you tell I’m also a chocoholic?  You aren’t?  That’s okay too because D25 Toastmasters also like choices ~~the Cheesecake with strawberry sauce was excellent!    
WAIT!  You haven’t even registered?  Well, you can remedy that right now and enjoy the entire night’s activities with fellow Toastmasters.   Go to!   We’ll be Celebrating Excellence and it won’t be the same if you aren’t there.  
The Marriott Solana has extended their special rate until August 17th. Make this a wonderful weekend get away today.

Article Written By Joyce Trimble, the leader for the Awards Dinner.