Celebrate Excellence! with a Day in the Park

Howdy Y’all,

Ok, Grammarian, get over it… This is Texas, where y’all is a perfectly good word. Being that it is Texas, it is a great time to CELEBRATE!

Celebrate what, you ask. Well, we are celebrating Excellence! To be exact, the Excellence that has been Achieved by District 25’s wonderful members and clubs during this past Toastmasters year.

The celebration is coming up Saturday, June 18th from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm, at Capp Smith Park in Watauga, and guess what! YOU and YOUR family are invited. There will be food, drinks, and fun — all free, compliments of District 25.

Now about the fun. We are going to bring back Life Size Jenga from the Spring Conference Friday Night Fun.

We are even thinking about tossin’ around a few eggs. Be careful that one doesn’t break on you.

We are planning some other fun activities as well, including a Toastmaster favorite, The Never-Ending Story, hosted at the amphitheater.

Come on now, we know you just love to talk and you can share in building our story. Maybe even some of them there family members will join in with us.

You know, the shy types.

There is even some Fishin’ in that big Fishin’ hole over yonder.  Catch and Release style so don’t break out that fryin’ skillet just yet. Bring your own gear, but the pond is stocked so you will likely catch something, then release it, then catch it again…. What fun!
Again with the food and drink?  Okay, well, we have you covered.  You don’t need to bring nothin’.  Well, maybe your fishin’ gear and a lawn chair. We will have plenty to eat and drink for you just comin’ on out to join us.
Food, drink, fun and Toastmasters in Texas.  If that is not enough to Celebrate then I just don’t know what is. Join your District 25 Toastmasters Friends and Family while we raise an ice-cold bottled water or can of soda to Celebrate the 2015-2016 Toastmasters Year.  And a fine one it has been!


Please RSVP just as soon as you finish readin’ this so that we have a count of you that plan to join us. Contact Cindy Hinckley at 972-743-8402 or cindy.hinckley@gmail.com with questions.

See you Saturday, June 18th around 2:00 pm for a great celebration at Capp Smith Park, 5800 Robin Dr, Watauga, TX  76148.  See map below.

Rose and Steven Timmons
Special Event Chairs