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The spring 2016 conference was my first conference that I have had the opportunity to attend. Going there I really had no idea what to expect or how it would go, but it turned into being one of the most inspirational and motivating events that I have ever attended.

Taylor escorts District Director
Cindy Hinckley in the Dignitary Parade

From the moment that I first signed in I was made to feel that people actually appreciated that I was there. As well being a first timer at the conference, I was given the royal treatment and treated like a rock star! I think what impressed me the most was the friendliness of the fellow members there. I have never been to an event with that many people where everyone was actually happy to be there. That was truly an amazing thing to be able to experience.

The speech contests were certainly well worth the trip as well. From laughing at the tall tales on Friday night to feeling inspired on Saturday afternoon from the international contest, there was a speech for every person who attended. I know for myself I came away from this conference as a stronger more confident Toastmaster.

From the motivating speeches to the educational sessions, down to the new friends that I made, the D25 conference should be high up on a Toastmasters to do list. I would like to thank all the people who made this spring conference such a success. I know that there is a lot of behind-the-scenes work that goes on and does not get recognized so I just want you to know how much your hard work and efforts paid off for this event. Awesome job! I would like to also recognize everyone who made me experience so wonderful but I will not call you out by name for fear I would I would forget someone but you know who ya’ll are. Keep up the good work.  I’m looking forward to attending the fall conference.

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Taylor Wilson