It’s Not That Easy Being Green!

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To honor Earth Week, Nationstar Speaks went Green at their meeting on April 20.  The Toastmaster, Joyce Trimble, ACG, ALB, introduced the theme with a fact that one tree can produce up to 20,000 sheets of paper per tree.   Multiply how many sheets of paper are used to print agendas over years and collectively, Toastmasters could save a forest!  But for this day, we opted to save just a small portion of a tree.

Only agendas for the lectern and guests were printed.   The members received their agenda via email and were instructed to bring their phones to the meeting.

Joyce obtained permission from the speakers and vote counter to provide their phone numbers ahead of time and their numbers ~~ and word of the day~~ were written onto the room’s dryboard.  The speakers’ comments were sent to them via text.   Edward Babino, one of the speakers, commented, “The text messaging to the vote counter and speakers was a cool idea. It definitely helps the meeting move along smoothly, as opposed to passing around an envelope”.  Yes, the votes for best speakers were sent to our vote counter.

The Helpers took advantage of the new International e-tools.   From our timer, Elizabeth Hernandez, “The timer role went well. I like how we can save the times and look them up in history, which I had to do. The timer in itself changes to the colors of Green, Yellow/ Red when its suppose to, so that was GREAT! “

The Timer had mixed emotions:  “Saving the trees is definitely a great idea.  But, we would never want to compromise or subsidize effectiveness or efficiency.  Going Green was only partially successful from my experience as a Vote Counter.   I received only half of the expected votes for best speaker which I feel was a resistance to adapt to change.”

The Timer is right.  The process was not expected to be  easy.  Or in the words of Kermit, “It’s Not That Easy Being Green!

Submitted by Joyce Trimble