Being Visitor Ready

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This is a season of open houses and special meetings.  Below are some suggestions to help visitors contact your club more easily.

Please look at your club website, company website, Meetup page, Facebook page, etc. through the eyes of a visitor who has never visited your club. Is the club meeting information current throughout the different channels that advertise your club? Are the directions clear and easy to understand? I always appreciate clear directions and special notes if the club meeting location is temporarily changed.

Is the contact information current on your club website? For an Easy Speak website, the place to change the club contact(s) that receive submission forms is under the module “Email & Contact Forms.” The “Contact Us Form” tab selects which club officer or member will receive the forms that anyone can use to contact your club. From the Toastmasters International website, club officers can access Club Central to change the club contact under the link “Update My Club Meeting Information.” Other updates can be made on that tab to help ensure that the meeting address and time are correct.

If you have any suggestions for future Public Relations articles then please let me know.

Thank you to everyone who continually works to ensure their club is welcoming and visitor ready.

Submitted by Amelinda Salas