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In case you missed the Fall 2015 District Contest finals, here is a wrap-up and results. On Friday November 20, we held the Speech Evaluation Contest. Elizabeth Fontenot of T.E.A.M Toasters in Fort Worth was the test speaker for this year’s contest, delivering a speech titled “Bossy.” Then it was the contestants’ turn to shine!

Evaluation Contestants:

  • Jessica Pallett – Panther City Toastmasters, Division A
  • Michael Sheridan – Lakeside Club Toastmasters, Division B
  • Godwin Ukaa – Household of Faith Toastmasters, Division C
  • Sabrina Walker – First Command Club, Division D
  • April Kelsoe – BSNF Toastmasters Club, Division E
  • Robert Stoick – Successful Speakers, Division F

At the district-level contests you expect to see the very best competitors. Each one used different methods to skillfully convey their evaluations. After the ballots were counted, the results were:

First Place – Jessica Pallett 
Second Place – Robert Stoick
Third Place – April Kelsoe

Saturday afternoon, November 21, at the same terrific District 25 Conference, we had the Humorous Speech Contest. Now as you know, the Humorous Speech Contest is supposed to be funny and none of the contestants disappointed!

Humorous Speech Contestants:

  • Clint Reese – Panther City Toastmasters, Division A, told us about “Day one of my month as mom”
  • Mike Schellen – Nationstar Inspires, Division B, told us that “It seemed like a good Idea at the time…”
  • Byron Taylor – Highway to Excellence, Division C, explained about “Life lessons learned from TEXAS and the voices inside my head”
  • Ram Ganapathy – Heart of Texas Bridge Gappers Club, Division D brought us “Secrets for a perfect marriage”
  • David Watkins – Keller Communicators, Division E, told us about “Changing at the speed of light, thinking at the speed of sound”
  • Eddie Merla – Airport Toastmasters, Division F, wanted to know “Who wants to be the Grammarian?” 

Each contestant delivered a cleverly crafted speech, evoking much laughter from the audience. The results are as follows:

First Place – Byron Taylor
Second Place – Eddie Merla
Third Place – Clint Reese

I have received many comments on the exceptional quality of the competitors for both contests. I would like to thank all of the helpers. Your time and effort make these contests successful.

Submitted by:
Steven Blake
Contest Coordinator