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A struggle for many corporate clubs is the advantage/disadvantage that comes with a set pool of potential members to draw from. Security concerns and geographic locations hold equal barriers to a small club with an employee base of 40 to draw from and larger corporate-sponsored clubs that could have as many as 300 employees to network with. Regardless of size, sometimes the answer to this dilemma is just pure networking creativity.

First Command Toastmaster’s (Club #8474) corporate sponsor recently held their annual Career Expo, where the Club’s booth took center stage.  In an effort to raise awareness of the club, one of our creative members designed a booth borrowing the Peanuts theme of Lucy’s Psychiatric booth, and creating a Toastmasters’ Phoniatrics Booth.  Toastmaster members worked the booth providing prescriptions to more than 100 booth visitors.  At Toastmasters, it is just a matter of knowing what the doctor ordered. 

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Jill House