My visit to Toastmasters International

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As we would be spending a few days in the Los Angeles area I decided to take a tour of Toastmasters International.  While there I took a number of pictures as well.  I started on the outside with the Toastmasters International sign and the wall that has Ralph Smedley, all of the International Directors and International Presidents.

In the lobby is the Toastmasters International sign above which 52 country flags are in a row.  These flags were donated by clubs.  The Toastmasters mission is also in the lobby as well as two plaques with international speech winners.  There is a guest book which I signed and I picked up a visitor banner.

There is a small museum with Ralph Smedley’s desk.  On the desk is a trophy from the original club. 

I received a tour of the employee work areas including the membership group, marketing and shipping.  In the area that handles most of the calls there is a wall with five clocks showing various times around the world.  During the tour I met several people including current Toastmasters International CEO Daniel Rex who is in charge of the approximately 150 paid Toastmasters employees. 

It was interesting to talk directly to those that handle the day to day activities of Toastmasters International.

Best regards
John Bergs