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The members of District 25 who have had the pleasure of serving with Maurice Taitt as a fellow club member or in a district leadership position will fondly remember him singing at multiple events, “I’m so excited!”.  
Maurice was honored at the Awards Banquet on Saturday, August 22, when Marylee Mims, Immediate Past District Governor, presented Maurice with the District 25 Distinguished Service Award.  Maurice served as 2007-2008 District 25 Governor.  We were all ‘so excited’ to see Maurice receive this prestigious award.
The words that Marylee read were, “This is the District 25 Distinguished Service Award, honoring one who has remained committed to the ideals of Toastmasters leadership over many years.  This Past District Governor is a role model for all of us, and tonight we honor Maurice Taitt with the Distinguished Service Award.”
Maurice is truly a servant leader.  I overheard one Past District Governor state on Saturday evening that when anything is asked of Maurice, he is ready to pitch in to help.  
David Martin and I were Division Governors when Maurice served as District Governor.  He was an amazing and exciting leader then, just as he is now.  Sitting at his table on Saturday brought back many fond memories of club meetings, contests, road trips, district and international conferences that I attended with Maurice. We not only consider Maurice a True Toastmaster but a True Friend to District 25. 
The 2014-2015 Toastmaster year will be last time the title District Governor is used.  Beginning 2015-2016 Toastmaster year, the new title is District Director.   It was great being on the stage with seven other Past District Governors.
2005-2006, David Himmelstein, “Legacy of Excellence”
2007-2008, Maurice Taitt, “Committed to Excellence”
2009-2010, David McCallister, “Remember the Member”
2010-2011, David Martin, “Dream, Discover, Believe, Achieve, Succeed”
2011-2012, Diana Patton, “Let It Shine!”
2012-2013, Bonne Stroman, “Explore the Possibilities”
2013-2014, Dean Lampman, “Looking Forward, Giving Back”
2014-2015, Marylee Mims, “It Takes a Team!”
Each of these Past District Governors served the members of District 25 well during his or her term and continues to serve members of District 25.  

Maruice Taitt

Receiving D25 

Disitinguished Service Award 

from Marylee Mims

Maurice Taitt with past District Governors

D25 Focus 2007-2008




District 25 Leadership Team 2007-2008

Submitted by Diana Patton