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The Speech Evaluation Workshop on August 29 drew over 50 Toastmasters from both District 25 and 50. Sponsored by The Evaluators Advanced Club and Grace Toastmasters. Both clubs meet at the First United Methodist Church in Carrollton.

This three hour workshop showcased a very experienced group of award winning faculty. Debra Sanford, DTM, reviewed a wide array of forms and structures to create effective evaluations. Jyo Pai, DTM addressed capturing great notes during the speech and editing and organizing your evaluation. Jamey Rider, DTM presented a very entertaining session on tips for the novice evaluator who has to evaluate an advanced/professional speaker. Dean Lampman, DTM focused on strategies for competing in speech evaluation contests.

Then the entire audience became speech evaluator contestants. Thomas Torlincasi, DTM was the target speaker. He spoke about how important YMCA’s are to any community. Dean Lampman facilitated a group discussion in which Thomas received comments from a great majority of audience members.

Michael Sheridan, DTM, lead a panel comprised of four speech evaluation champions from both District 25 and 50. The current evaluation champions  Thomas Torlincasi and Karen Shelton and past district champions Jyo Pai and Jamey Rider shared their insights and advice about competing.
Handouts from the workshop are available from The Evaluators Club web page under public downloads at http://TheEvaluators.ToastmastersClubs.org

Photos from the workshop can be viewed at:

Submitted by Michael Sheridan