Facts and Myths About the Competent Leadership Manual

Many of you who have attended officer training this summer took home a brand-new Competent Leadership (CL) manual as part of our “Take Your Team to Training” incentive.

If you are starting that new manual or need to finish an old one, here are some tips on doing it the right way.

How to finish your CL manual in a timely manner:

  • Bring your manual to EVERY meeting, even if you do not have an assigned role, in case you are called upon at the last minute.
  • Keep track of what you’ve done. Mark off each role for which you have been evaluated on the Project Completion Record page (usually in the back, unless you have an older manual).
  • You are not required to complete every role in every project, or do the projects in strict sequence. Some only require you to “complete 2 of 3” for example. When a project is complete, have your VP education initial it.
  • Plan ahead for the roles that may take longer or are hard to come by (chair or mentor, for example). Consult with your VP education about how to complete these. Volunteer for the roles you need.

What you may NOT do in the CL manual:

  • Get credit for more than one leadership role in a single meeting. If you are both the ah-counter and a speech evaluator, you’ll need to choose only one for a leadership evaluation.
  • Ask to be evaluated after you have already performed your role. The leadership evaluator should be asked beforehand so he or she can observe you in action and write comments that are meaningful.
  • Check off roles and projects retroactively from information in old agendas or scheduling software. The whole point of the manual is for you to benefit from real-time, on-the-spot evaluations.
  • Get credit for roles performed outside the club such as area or division contest helpers. The CL manual is for club meeting roles and activities. (The one exception is Project 9, HPL Guidance Committee Member.)


by Jodie Sanders