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Spring 2015 First Timers with District Governor Marylee Mims
 Some of you may remember the theme song from the TV show Cheers. I thought about it as I reflected on my first time experience at the District 25 Toastmaster conference held in Westlake TX this weekend. “Sometimes you want to go, where everybody knows your name”.  
Dale carrying the Arlington NOONers banner in the
Banner Parade Friday evening.

Now, granted the name badges helped but the sentiment of the song expressed in the warm and friendly atmosphere of the conference was strictly the creation of the members of toastmasters.

Joyce Trimble and Frances Coffee

A special shout out to First Timer committee members Joyce Trimble and Frances Coffee for their hospitality and to all the conference planning committees and volunteers for their hard work in creating a very well run and organized event. Having worked on many similar projects for other organizations, I know that it takes a lot to put on a two day event without glitches. If there were any glitches, they weren’t apparent and I can honestly say that this was one of the best organized events that I’ve attended.

The content of the conference workshops I found extremely valuable. As a first time conference attendee and new member of Toastmasters, I left the conference encouraged to “always be curious”, “reach for optimal performance rather than peak performance”, “leave [myself] open to possibilities” and “to communicate in the nexus”.

What I witnessed at the conference was a diverse group of people with a common purpose; self improvement for the benefit of others. Overall it was a fantastic experience and I look forward to next year!

Submitted By
Dale Sharpe-Jenkins
Arlington NOONers Club
First Time Conference Attendee