What is an HPL Project Anyway?

Many Toastmasters find the Leadership Excellence Award (also known as the High Performance Leadership project) a huge stumbling block on the path to their Distinguished Toastmaster Award.
As stated on the Toastmasters International website:

High Performance Leadership

High Performance Leadership features five projects offering instruction and practice in such vital leadership areas as developing a vision, goal-setting and planning, developing plans and strategies, and team-building. It also gives you feedback on your leadership skills. The program may be completed within your Toastmasters club, area or district, and even within your company or community.Perhaps you would enjoy taking on a project for your club or district while serving as an officer or committee chairman. Or, if you are an employee or supervisor in a business organization, you could do a leadership project related to the needs of your organization. Other possibilities include projects for your community, church, an association or professional group, or some other organization. Your project can be almost anything, so long as it is legal, ethical, and socially responsible, and your activities are not represented as being endorsed by Toastmasters International. 

When can you start an HPL project? I would suggest anytime after completing your CC and CL. There is no need to wait for other awards to be earned.

What steps should you take?
  • Order your materials from Toastmasters International
  • Form your committee
  • Come up with your project
These are the initial steps and can be done in any order. If you need direction please contact me at cindyhinckley@d25toastmasters.org and I will be happy to assist you.