Inga, Marylee, and Rose

Months of planning, and “whoosh!” the conference weekend is over! It was a whirlwind weekend filled with excellent speakers, educational opportunities, and fun. Everyone took home information they can apply to their own lives and share with their clubs.

From start to finish, I found the presentations stimulating, challenging and calling me to push myself forward…to be the best I can be.

We ate well, learned much, laughed and met many new friends. …..a perfect recipe for a rewarding event.

Lauren Midgley – Keynote Speaker

For me, Saturday night was especially beautiful. Having an inspiring keynote before the majestic DTM ceremony set the stage. What a privilege for me (as District Governor) to present these Toastmasters with their DTM medallion!

Back Row: Gwen Fischer, DTM, Duane Fontenot, DTM, Susan Gardner, DTM, Bret Hauser, DTM, Rucha Jani, DTM, Debra Levrets, DTM
Front Row: Nancy Little, DTM, Charles Mencke, DTM, Wesley Kaye Schwertner, DTM, Wayne Sekerke, DTM, Constantine Sparto, DTM, Jeanette Vance, DTM

If you missed “Doors of Opportunity”, talk to someone who attended! Don’t let another District Conference escape you. Reserve May 1-2, 2015 for the Spring Conference and experience “D25 ROCKS!”

Submitted By
Marylee Mims, DTM
District Governor