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On Thursday, 11/20/2014, from around 9pm CST to around 12am CST (Fort Worth time), barring any unforeseen issues, the entire FreeToastHost website system will be taken offline to update the system code to version 2.20.  Please plan ahead.  Please do anything you would do with the system on Thursday evenings during the prior evenings.  Also, feel free to save your webpages to a file on your computer with the new Save to File feature that has already been installed in the version 2.11 system for your use. Look for the drop down at the top right of the web page editors.

A features summary will be published in the support forums at prior to release. Revisions to documentation are underway, as well.  As the support forums are the primary mechanism for getting in touch with the team of volunteers, please pay attention to them for further details.  The updates have been tested by fellow toastmasters on their own club websites. If you have any issues with the system subsequent to the update, please contact Steve James or Brian McDonald promptly via the support forums. They will be readily available there on the weekend following 11/20/2014.

Steve James, ACB, ALB, Ambassador, Developer
Brian McDonald, DTM, Lead Technical Advisor

Visit the support forums.
Please read the FTH documentation.