It’s a Party! It’s a Contest!

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 Friday, November 14 is going to be an exciting time!
You’re Invited! 
  You will attend an evaluation contest with the
cream of the crop of evaluators, 
eat a dinner with an excellent speaker, 
there is also another kind of party afterwards in which you, 
yes you, can participate! 
It’s a party to celebrate the 90th anniversary of Toastmasters. 
To celebrate the anniversary of an organization that has brought us all together, we are putting together a party, but not just any party, a costume party!  
All guests of Friday night are invited to participate, dressed as a historical figure. 
I’m planning to dress up, will you come with me and dress up as well?
But, it won’t be a good costume party if there weren’t a contest involved! Division governors will be the judges for the contest, and you can collect a prize for winning in one of the following four categories:
  • Best Male
  • Best Female
  • Most Unusual
  • Most Clever
    Please, throw on your top hat, bring your flapper wig, whatever you want to our costume contest because what better way to celebrate our anniversary than to dress up and compete? Sign-Up here!

    I’ll see you Friday. November 14th!

    DeAnna Wolf
    Conference Friday Night Fun Chair