Nationstar Speaks Turns One Year Old!

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Nationstar Speaks recently celebrated their 1st Anniversary!
And what a year!
Debbie Rousseau, Charter Member and Toastmaster for the Anniversary Party, raised her cup and toasted: “We have all become friends on our journey to self-improvement. Anniversaries may come and they may go, but the pursuit of the perfect speech continues forever. May the warmth of our friendships survive the frosts of age. As we look forward to the New Year and events and contests that it will bring. Let’s drink to all we have accomplished in this past year!”
After the President, Quineka Ragsdale, presented a history of events past and adventures of the future, visitors and members enjoyed a meal together.
President, Quineka Ragsdale, and Immediate Past President, Joyce Trimble, were presented flowers as a token of appreciation.


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Joyce Trimble