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I am a new member of the LM Evening Toastmasters Club in Area 15. It has been such a positive impact for me that I can’t wait for the next week to roll around. I can see it already helping me be more conscious while I am speaking. I just completed speech # 3. So far all have qualified and two have gotten the best speech of the night. I wish that I had joined many years ago but I just couldn’t work the Lockhead Martin daytime clubs into my schedule. I am very glad that Area 15 started the LM nighttime club and made it convenient for those that have a full workload during the daytime. I recommend Toastmasters to anyone that I run into and we are going to put it in the Aero IT Communique that goes out to an organization of over 1000 people. I thank you Toastmasters graciously for your organization and how it is structured!

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Kim Reasoner