District 25 Knows How to Hula!

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District 25 is the home of many Toastmasters with a “can do” attitude!  It was no surprise that I received a resounding “CAN DO!” response from Greg Pick, a.k.a. The Big Kahuna, Freddie Pick, Jill Morrison and Nyle Sneed when asked if they could help put on a hula demonstration at the District 25 Spring Conference during the Friday Fun Night activity. 

With just a month before the conference, these Toastmasters who were affectionately called the Hula Kids, set aside time to meet in my small living room to learn the hula to the song Pearly Shells.  My fellow hula dancers were full of the aloha spirit, “as long as we have fun, that’s all that matters,” said Nyle Sneed. 

When the hula team wasn’t at my home practicing, they used their own time to focus and learn the dance steps.  Like the old joke, “Q: How do you get to Carnegie Hall?  A: Practice, practice, practice,”  Jill Morrison said, “I practiced so much I saw the dance in my sleep.”

Before the big event, Greg was asked what convinced him to get up on stage to perform the hula, he replied, “I get to spend my weekend dancing with four good looking women, that’s a no-brainer.”

The Big Kahuna and the Hula Kids

All the hard work paid off on Friday night when the music started and an entire ballroom of Friday Fun Night Toastmasters joined in to dance along with the Big Kahuna and the Hula Kids.

International Director, Karen Blake, who showed off her own hula style said, “It was so much fun!”

Everyone did a fantastic job and the spirit of the islands filled the ballroom of the DFW Sheraton.  It was definitely a Friday Fun Night that will go down in District 25 history!

Submitted by Vicki Haynes