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Saturday was the wrap-up of all the contests leading up to the Spring 2014 District Conference. We had thirty Area Contests beginning on March 1st and ending on March 29th. We’ve had six Division Contests in April.

We’ve had fun, eaten great food, listened to some pretty whopping lies in the Tall Tales Contests and been inspired by the International Speech Contests!

We saw some dry land surfing attempts, hula hooping and hula dancing.

We’ve cheered on our friends who competed, visited with others and made new ones.

Kudos to all the volunteers seen and unseen who helped make the contests smooth and enjoyable!

And, the result of all that work and fun is this:

The Division Contest Winners (click on each Division to see photos)
Division A
Tall Tales: DeAnna Wolf, Laura Stewart, Jon Grottis
International: Aparna Valluri, Eduardo Alvarez, Sheila Scott

Division B
Tall Tales: Matt Gonzalez, Sonya Rundles, Helga Koehler   
International: Sonya Rundles, Tommy Darden, Edgard Moses-Batson   
Division C
Tall Tales: Ed Beekman, Mark Novak, Reggie Matthews
International: Susan Gardner, Karen Chilton, Mark Novak

Division D
Tall Tales: Ram Ganapathy, Jeff Wigness, Joy Straley
International: DJ Swinyar, Kenn Scott, Ram Ganapathy
Division E
Tall Tales: Jeff Lacey, Steve Blake, Manhal Shukayr
International: Tracy Speyer, Elicia Allred, Jonna Jarnagin

Division F
Tall Tales: Mark Parrish, Vicki Haynes, Dewayne Washington
International: Phillip Brown, Britt Morgan, Eugene Mosely

What’s left to do?

We have the final contests coming up May 2 and 3rd to decide who will be the District 25 winners for each contest.
Come to the Spring Conference for the fun, friends, food, and the whopping lies in the Tall Tales Contests on Friday evening and to be inspired Saturday afternoon at the International Speech Contest! You can register here!

 Submitted by Sandra Price, DTM