Officer Training Applies to Top District Leaders Too!

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Lt. Gov Ed & Training Marylee Mims, Governor Dean
Lampman and Lt Gov. Marketing Cindy Hinckley,

While many of our club officers were being trained this past weekend, the district trio was also at training. Our “intense” mid-year training was led by Toastmasters International staff, International Directors and Region Advisors.

Dean, Cindy and I attended this training to gain knowledge from Toastmasters International as well as share information/techniques with district trios from other regions of North America.

Just as trained club officers can better serve their club, we, as district leaders, attend training to better serve our members and clubs in District 25.

We get trained and so should our club officers!   If you missed the TLIs in January, the divisions are providing additional opportunities for you to fulfill the training requirement and help your club succeed.  Please see the remaining dates and locations and attend a training that fits your schedule.

Does your club plan to be Distinguished by April 30?  In not, plan to do so!  Any club that does achieve Distinguished by April 30, 2014, has the chance to win $$!  (This is a sneak peak to a spring promotion).

Submitted by Marylee Mims, DTM
District 25 Lt. Governor Education & Training